Queen Foxglove is the main antagonist of Flower Precure. She is also May and Serena's aunt. Her catchphrase is: 'Despair will flood love' (愛にあふれます絶望 Ai ni afuremasu zetsubō).


Invading the Flower Kingdom


Final Battle against Miraculous Tulip Heart and Purification



Queen Foxglove is selfish, heartless and cruel. She is also cunning and tactical. However, she is caring to Olivier and loves him.


Queen Foxglove has long, green hair that sticks up and curls into a point. She has yellow eyes. She wears a long purple dress and gloves with lavender boots.


Monsieur Olivier - Foxglove's adoptive son.

Flower Queen - Foxglove's older sister. She is jealous of her older sister's kindness.


  • She is the fourth female main villain after Desperaia, Queen Mirage and Dyspear
  • She has a similar hairstyle to Jessie from Pokémon


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