Queen Tempest
Kuīn Tenpesuto
SeasonHappy! Prince PreCure

Evil Queen

Fur ColorBlack with a dark purple ombre
Eye ColorPurple
Home PlaceTempest Kingdom
First AppearanceHPPC01
Voice Actor(s)Takako Honda (Japanese)

Tabitha St. Germain (English)

Queen Tempest (クイーンテンペスト Kuīn Tenpesuto?)is one of the main villains of Happy! Prince PreCure. She, along with the Dark Trio: Wolven, Maria, and Sven took control of the Pegasus Kingdom, the home of Queen Aurora, Princess Tiara, and Knight.


Queen Tempest is a tall womam with long and flowing dark hair and dark purple eyes. She is donned in a long black dress with purple and golden embodiments. Tempest is also adorned with black onyx necklaces, breacelets, and a black crown. She even wears dark purple lipstick and black eyeshadow to show her dark and sinister look.




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