Raging Heart Purification (レイジングハートプリフィケーション Reijingu Hāto Purifikēshon) is the entire team's second group attack in Season Heart Pretty Cure!. It was first used in Episode 24 and requires the use of the Earth Mirage and the Season Instruments. To use this attack, the Cures all must be in their 'Natural' forms.


Bloom summons the Earth Mirage and the Season Instruments. The five Cures grab their respective Instrument and pose with it, and then, with the Earth Mirage and the Blooming Spring Flute, Cure Tulip draws an infinity symbol.

The Cures then begin singing Raging Heart Melody. Before the chorus of the song, the Earth Mirage glows brighter until a large heart appears above it. The Cures start to sing the chorus, and the heart then turns into a giant woman with grand angel wings.

The Cures surround the Earth Mirage back to back, joined by Bloom. The Earth Mirage emits a beam of pink, yellow, red and blue before giving the Cures angel wings. The Cures shout the incantation, then the giant woman purifies the target.



Bloom: 地球ミラージュの力を召喚!

Cure Tulip: 輝け!

All: 希望、情熱、優しさ、知性と平和のメロディー!

All: プリキュアレイジングハートプリフィケーション!


Bloom: Chikyū mirāju no chikara o shōkan!

Cure Tulip: Kagayake!

All: Kibō, jōnetsu, yasashi-sa, chisei to heiwa no merodī!

All: Purikyua Reijingu Hāto Purifikēshon!

Literal Translation

Bloom: Summon the power of the Earth Mirage!

Cure Tulip: Sparkle!

All: Melodies of hope, passion, kindness, intelligence and peace!

All: Pretty Cure Raging Heart Purification!


Japanese Romaji Translation





Go kibō no tokushuna taipu o shinji,

Tabun jōnetsu no isshu,

Shinsetsu ni setsuzoku sa re,

Chisei no idaina-ryō o kaihō shimasu,

Mirai to heiwa no hikari ga arimasu!

Believing in a special type hope,

Maybe that sort of passion,

Will be connected with kindness,

Releasing a great amount of intelligence,

Is the light of the future and peace!




Subete ga mudana yōda baai demo,

Watashi wa itsumo anata no tame ni sonzai shimasu.

Kore wa watashi no yakusokudesu!

Even if everything seems useless,

I will always be there for you.

This is my promise!



Sore wa koko ni' gen'in junbi o shi nasai,

Reijingu Hāto Purifikēshon!

Get ready 'cause it's here,

Raging Heart Purification!





Wareware ga chīsai baai demo,

Soretomo, watashitachiha monogoto o waruku shite imasu!

Shikashi, wareware wa tsuyoi kokoro o motte,

Dare mo ubau koto ga dekinai koto!

Even if we are small,

Or perhaps we're bad at things!

But we have a strong heart,

That no one can take away!


  • This is the second attack to have a song as part of the incantation, preceded by Innocent Purification.



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