Rainbow Heart Crystal (レインボウハートクリスタル Reinbō hāto Kurisutaru) is a group attack that Cure Ruby, Cure Sapphire, Cure Topaz and Cure Emerald use in Diamond Precure! This move is a powerful group finisher which utilizes the Heart Crystal, the Heart Pad and the Cures' Super Elegant Forms


Pety activates Heart Pad then sends it towards Ruby who puts Heart Crystal in Heart Pad. Then the fairy Crystal jumps on Heart Pad and says "Diamond Power" Then Heart Pad sends small hearts to Cures.

Then Precures takes their sticks and put them in the direction of Heart Pad (in front of Precures) which sends a light towards Cures "sticks. This light is Heart Crystal. Then Pretty Cures surrounds the enemy of all the sides.




All: は勝利の心です

All: 4宝石の私たちに来て、電源

All: プリキュア レインボーハートのクリスタル


Ruby:Sanka no kokoro no

All: wa shōri no kokorodesu

All: 4 hōseki no watashitachi ni kite, dengen

All: purikyua reinbō hāto kurisutaru

Literal Translation

Ruby: Hearts joined

All: are victorious hearts

All:Come to us, the power of 4 Jewels

All: Precure Raibow Heart Crystal

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