This page shows all references of Infinity Mirai's first season of her main series; Prism Pretty Cure!.


  • Prism Pretty Cure! was created from the desire to create her own fan-made Pretty Cure series and since Mirai was bored and wanted to spend her time actually doing something. The series got the name "Prism Pretty Cure!" randomly.
  • Many changes to the series were made after figuring out how Japanese names worked (ex. Yukimura Aiko was previously Yukino Aiko; both were first names).





  • Jewel Hearts are similar to Futari wa Pretty Cure's Prism Stones as well as the Cure Icons of the season.
  • The Prism Communes shares similarities with the Card Communes which are used in Futari wa Pretty Cure and the Lovely Communes in Doki Doki! Pretty Cure.

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Main article: Prism Pretty Cure! Voice Actors

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