Royal Rainbow Pretty Cure
Roiyaru Reinbō Purikyua
General Information
NetworkTv Asahi
Original RunFebruary 28th, 2020
Opening Song1st OP: Shine forever! Royal Rainbow Pretty Cure

2nd OP: Rainbow Hearts

Ending Song1st ED: Colorful Days
Series Info
PredecessorFloral Precure
SuccessorShining Precure
Royal Rainbow Pretty Cure (ロイヤルレインボープリキュア  Roiyaru Reinbō Purikyua?) is a Japanese magical girl anime series produced by Toei Animation and the unofficial installment to the Pretty Cure series. It is directed and written by Anime-Candy. It will premiere on February 28th, 2020, succeeding Floral Precure. The season's main motif is Rainbow.



Pretty Cure

  • Nijiko Rosa (虹子ローザ Nijiko Rōza?) She is strong and cheerful. She has a strong heart which never gives up. Even after having lost Yume in her fight against the prince of Blackmare, she was able to keep smiling after having met Kara and all the others. Her alter ego is Cure Pink (キュアピンク Kyua Pinku?), representing the power of love through the symbol of the Heart.
  • Umino Kara (海の殻 Umino Kara?) In the beginning, she was serious and noble. She is the president of the student council at -----. As she is the blue princess of wisdom, her family have always obliged her to work against her will. But thanks to Rosa, she became the Cure of happiness instead of the Cure of wisdom. So, she become cheerful and optimistic. Her alter ego is Cure Blue (キュアブルー Kyua burū?), representing the power of happiness through the symbol of the shell.
  • Kiaki Midori (木秋緑 Kiaki Midori?) She is bossy and a little bit arrogant. She didn't want to be the Cure of kindness but the Cure of strength because she think that the kindness was for the weak. But After having discovered the importance of the kindness, she accepted her role. So, she become a little kinder and less bossy. Her alter ego is Cure Green (キュアグリーン Kyua gurīn?), representing the power of kindness through the symbol of tree.
  • Fukumi Minako (福美美奈子 Fukumi Minako?) She is beautiful and elegant but a little bit clumsy. She fought before to protect her kingdom but one day, she was too afraid that she give up and went to the earth. So, her kingdom was destroyed. But wanting to protect Rosa, Midori and Kara, her power reborn. Her alter ego is Cure Yellow (キュアイエロー Kyua ierō?), representing the power of beauty through the symbol of lemon
  • Murasakino Yume (紫の夢 Murasakino Yume?) She is elegant and graceful. She is good at all the subjects except English. She was imprisoned into Dark Bracelet because of Royal Black. But her desire to protect Rosa allowed her to go. Her alter ego is Cure Purple (キュアパープル Kyua pāpuru?), representing the power of dream through the symbol of star.
  • Kibougawa Hikaru (希望川光る Kibōgawa Hikaru?) She always tries to do her best to make the other happy. She likes dancing, but because of her disease, she cannot move any more. So, she fell into despair especially when a doctor announced to her parents that she will not be able to live for a long time. She even stopped being Pretty Cure. But when she met Rosa and the others, she changed. Her alter ego is Cure Orange (キュアオレンジ Kyua orenji?), representing the power of hope through the symbol of sun.
  • Hino Yuki (火の勇気 Hino Yuki?) is a gentle boyish second year student. She is loyal and faithful which makes her a good person to rely on. She was born in Red Kingdom but she grew up in Blackmare Zone. Her mission was to steal Queen Palace so Royal Black will have the great power. But, she did not want to accomplish this mission. Her wish is to make friends. Her alter ego is Cure Red (キュアレッド Kyua reddo?), representing the power of courage through the symbol of fire.


  • Yamiyo (ヤミヨ Yamiyo?) is one of warriors of Blackmare. He aims to destroy the happiness and the enjoyment. This is the reason why he always fights against Cure Blue. In his human form, he wears a dark blue tie and small glasses.
  • Shiyuwaku (シユワク Shiyūwaku?) Is one of old warriors of Blackmare. He was overcome by Cure Purple in the past, then he was reincarnated to take revenge on her. He fights to destroy the dreams. He disguised as a student of Private Sparkle School to seduce Yume and to trap her.
  • Jakuchi (ジャクチ Jākuchi?) is one of warriors of Blackmare. He aims to destroy the kindness. So, he always fights against Cure Green. He also fights the Cures to prove his strength.
  • Queen Misaigai (クイーンミサイガイ Kuīn misaigai?) is one of warriors of Blackmare. To be the most beautiful and to create a perfect disaster, she fights against the beauty which was represented by Cure Yellow. She always looks her Ice Mirror which shows her the beautiful person of the day.
  • Kiraina (キライナ Kiraina?) is one of warriors of Blackmare. She hates Cure Pink because she has the same eyes as Arc-en-Ciel. So, she decides to destroy love.
  • Yoruto (ヨルト Yoruto?) Before becoming a member of Blackmare, he had a dream: he wanted to become writer. But even if he kept hope, he was not able to realize his dream. So, he fell into despair. That is why he hates the speech of Cures on the strength of hope and dreams. He usually fights against Cure Orange and also Cure Purple.

Items & Weapons

  • Rainbow Pendant (レインボーペンダント Reinbō pendanto?) The transformation device. To use it, the girls need to yell the phrase "Precure Princess Change".
  • Rainbow Bracelet (レインボーブレスレット Reinbō buresuretto?) The Cures' main weapon. The weapon allow the Cures to perform individual and group attacks. 
  • Queen Music Palace (クイーンミュージックパレス Kuīn myūjikku paresu?) The group item that the Cures use with the Pretty Fairies to perform Glitter Colors Explosion.


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  • Royal Rainbow Pretty Cure is the first Pretty Cure season to consist of seven members with the theme colors of pink, purple, blue, green, yellow, orange and red.
  • Royal Rainbow Pretty Cure is the fifth series where a blue Cure is the student council president of her school, preceded by Yes! Pretty Cure 5 and its sequel, Smile Pretty Cure, Go! Princess Pretty Cure and Diamond Precure

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