SHINE 5 Hearts Pretty Cure! Princess Vocal Kingdom (SHINE 5 ハーツプリキュア!プリンセス・ボーカル・キングダム Shain Faibu Hātsu Purikyua! Purinsesu Bōkaru Kingudamu?) is the first vocal album that will be released for SHINE 5 Hearts Pretty Cure!. The album will include the character songs of the characters as well as the first opening and ending of the season. The album will be released on April 30th, 2029.


Track # Title Sung by Time
01 SHINE! Pretty Cure 5 Hearts
Amamiya Sora 3:54
02 peppermint
Kurosawa Tomoyo 3:52
03 Daichi no Iro
Takahashi Minami 4:01
04 Harukaze no Kaori
Mimura Yuna 3:41
05 Radieux
Kawakami Chihiro 4:03
06 Gentle WAVES
Nanjou Yoshino 3:48
06 Sweet Stories
Asai Ayaka 3:48
07 a miracle was born today
(a miracle was born today)
Sanpei Yuko 3:28
08 Futari
Kurosawa Tomoyo
Takahashi Minami
09 Tomo♥dachi!
5 Hearts PreCure 3:44
10 yesterday... ?
Hikida Ryoko 3:47
11 Courage!!
(C O U R A G E !!)
Hanazawa Kana 4:05


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