Utsukushī tamashī! Wareware wa Shīzun Hāto Purikyua!
Season Heart Pretty Cure! episode 5
"The Beautiful Souls! We Are Season Heart Pretty Cure!"
Air date February 24, 2019
Episode Guide
Opening Smile! Season Heart Pretty Cure!
Ending Song of the Seasons
Directed by Kobayashi Tsubomi
Written by Kobayashi Tsubomi
The Beautiful Souls! We Are Season Heart Pretty Cure! (美しい魂!我々はシーズンハートプリキュア! Utsukushī tamashī! Wareware wa Shīzun Hāto Purikyua!) is the fifth episode of Season Heart Pretty Cure!.


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Ami has chosen to become Pretty Cure and help Cure Tulip, Cure Flame and Cure Maple, and finally together, the quartet defeat the Hidoi and Stone, and Ami and Momoko can then forgive each other. Later that day, the girls decide to call themselves the Season Heart Pretty Cure!, and Hana says that the team needs a leader, but Akemi, Momoko and Ami nominate Hana. Hana refuses, but then there is a Hidoi attack which is led by the new villain, Destroyer. The girls do their best to fight it, but they need a leader to give them instructions. Who will become the leader of the Season Heart Pretty Cure! team?

Major Events

  • Destroyer makes his first appearance.
  • Hana agrees to become the leader of the team.
  • The team is officially called Season Heart Pretty Cure!.
  • The Cures transform together for the first time.


Pretty Cure



Minor Characters



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