The Sacred Dragons of the Light (光の神聖竜 Hikari no shinsei ryū?) are the power source of the three Pretty Cures in Super ☆彡Pretty Cure!. Currently, the existence of three dragons are proven. The three Pretty Cure-main dragons reside inside the PreChargers as well as the Luminary Watch.

The Dragons

  • Moon Dragon (月竜 Getsuryū?) - The dragon of moonlight. Cure Crescent's power source.
  • Sun Dragon (太陽竜 Taiyō ryū?) - The dragon of sunlight. Cure Stellar's power source.
  • Sky Dragon (久方竜 Hisakata Ryū?) - The dragon of skylight. Cure Spectrum's power source.
  • Earth Dragon (地竜 Chiryū?)
  • Water Dragon (水竜 Suirō?)
  • Fire Dragon (火竜 Hiryū?)
  • Wind Dragon (風竜 Fūryū?)



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