Sakebi (叫び Sakebi) are the main monsters in Heartful Shine Pretty Cure. They are created when a commander (Black, Grey or Shadow) steal a person's Heart Rainbow away, and merges them with an object. When they are defeated, they say "hope and dream".


Sakebis are bipedal and have a faded rainbow with a black light shining through it. Their actual bodies take on the reason why the Heart Rainbow's owner fell in despair.

List of Sakebis

Episode Appearance Image Possessing Summoned By Defeated With Origin
HSPC01 Unknown Doctor Black Blasting Legend A boy who wanted to be healed of his sickness.
HSPC02 Unknown Broom Grey Miracle Eruption Fukui Emiko, who didn't want to do her chores.
HSPC03 Unknown Camera Shadow Fantasy Hurricane A girl who thought that she wouldn't win the best photo competition.
HSPC04 Unknown Soccer ball Black Soul Strike A boy who thought that his team wouldn't go to the soccer championships.
HSPC06 Unknown Doll Black Blasting Legend A little girl who wanted to get her mother to buy her a new doll.