Season Heart
Shīzun Hāto
UsageRepresenting human hearts
AbilitiesTo change into a Season Heart Palette when a human girl becomes a Pretty Cure when she wants to protect those dear to her.
Group AttackNone
Season Hearts (シーズンハート Shīzun Hāto) are important items in Season Heart Pretty Cure!, which represent human hearts. Season Hearts are either flowers, suns, leaves or snowflakes, depending on whichever season your birth month is in.


There are many different types of Season Hearts, and they are each different colours depending on your personality. The personality/emotion types are as followed:

Red = Passion

Orange = Curiosity

Yellow = Happiness

Green = Courage

Blue = Intelligence

Indigo = Loyalty

Violet = Kindness

White = Love


The season Spring's type is a flower, representing the flowers that usually always bloom in Spring. To have a Flower Heart, you must be born in Spring (September, October, November). Koizumi Hana has a White Flower Heart.


The season Summer's type is a sun, representing the sun that shines the brightest in Summer. To have a Sun Heart, you must be born in Summer (December, January, February). Chinen Akemi has the Red Sun Heart.


The season Autumn's type is a leaf, representing the crisp leaves that children love to jump into in Autumn. To have a Leaf Heart, you must be born in Autumn (March, April, May). Akikaze Momoko has a Violet Leaf Heart.


The season Winter's type is a snowflake, representing the cold snow that falls the sky in Winter. To have a Snowflake Heart, you must be born in Winter (June, July, August). Yukimura Ami has a Blue Snowflake Heart.


What's YOUR Season Heart? Please answer in the comments!

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