This is the episode list for Season Heart Pretty Cure!

Episode # Title Villain Air Date

"The Spring Miracle! The Birth of Cure Tulip!"
Haru no kiseki! Kyua Chūrippu no tanjō!

Stone January 26, 2019
Koizumi Hana, a flower-loving but shy girl, thinks that she is an ordinary girl. She was, however, having dreams of a girl who looked like royalty pleading for her to awaken quickly. Then, Hana encounters Yukimura Ami and her twin sister, Yukimura Yuriko. Then, as Hana was walking home, she heard a cry from the sky, and she saw a green squirrel fall. The squirrel landed on Hana, and the squirrel said that her name was Bloom, and that she had sensed the power of Spring from Hana, but suddenly, a commander from Dusk Area, whose name was Stone, had turned Yukimura Ami, who was walking by, into an evil monster called a Hidoi. Bloom tells Hana to transform into the legendary warrior, Pretty Cure. Stone says to not interfere or she and Ami will die. What will Hana do? Will she save Ami or not?

"The Hot-Blooded Sun! Cure Flame!"
Nekketsu-bi! Kyua Fureimu!

Stone February 3, 2019
Hana chooses to become Pretty Cure to save Ami, and succeeds. Afterwards, Hana is told to keep Pretty Cure a secret. Later that day, she meets Chinen Akemi for the first time. Akemi soon began annoying Hana, which caused Hana to become angry and shout at Akemi. However, when Akemi is no longer in sight, Hana meets Ami again and her best friend,Akikaze Momoko. The two girls told Hana that Akemi was homeless, and that she needs to apologise to Akemi. But suddenly, a Hidoi appears and so does Stone, so Hana, making sure she is out of sight, transforms into Cure Tulip, and fights the Hidoi. However, she was losing, and it's up to Akemi herself to save Tulip because she holds the power of Summer in her. What will Akemi do? Will she choose to become Pretty Cure or let Tulip lose?

"The Gentle Wind of Kindness! The Pretty Cure of Autumn!"
Yasashi-sa no odayakana kaze! Aki no purikyua!

Poison February 10, 2019
Akemi chooses to become Pretty Cure and help Cure Tulip, and the duo defeat the Hidoi and Stone, and they become good friends. The next day, they meet Akikaze Momoko again, who was busy with her cooking. A few hours later, Momoko heard a voice, telling her to go to the gym. Once she did, the doors slammed behind her and locked her in. Just then, a monster and three girls appeared. They were Cure Tulip, Cure Flame, a Hidoi and the new villain, Poison. The Cures are losing and it's up to Momoko to save them because she holds the power of Autumn in her. What will Momoko do? Will she choose to become Pretty Cure or let Tulip and Flame lose?

"Graceful Snowfall! Cure Snowflake Appears!"
Yūgana kōsetsu! Kyua Sunōfurēku ga hyōji-sa!

Stone February 17, 2019

Momoko has chosen to become Pretty Cure and help both Cure Tulip and Cure Flame, and the trio defeat the Hidoi and Stone, and they all become good friends. The trio become such good friends that they worry Yukimura Ami, who ran into the forest and cried. Her twin sister, Yukimura Yuriko, followed her but ended up getting turned into a Hidoi by Stone. Ami heard three girls shout something, and those three girls appeared. They were Cure Tulip, Cure Flame and Cure Maple! But they were struggling to defeat the Hidoi, and now it's up to Ami to help them because she holds the Winter in her. What will Ami do? Will she choose to become Pretty Cure or let Tulip, Flame and Maple lose?


"The Beautiful Souls! We Are Season Heart Pretty Cure!"
Utsukushī tamashī! Wareware wa Shīzun Hāto Purikyua!

Destroyer February 24, 2019
Ami has chosen to become Pretty Cure and help Cure Tulip, Cure Flame and Cure Maple, and finally together, the quartet defeat the Hidoi and Stone, and Ami and Momoko can then forgive each other. Later that day, the girls decide to call themselves theSeason Heart Pretty Cure!, and Hana says that the team needs a leader, but Akemi, Momoko and Ami nominate Hana. Hana refuses, but then there is a Hidoi attack which is led by the new villain, Destroyer. The girls do their best to fight it, but they need a leader to give them instructions. Who will become the leader of the Season Heart Pretty Cure! team?

"The Mysterious Flower! Why Is Everyone Sick?"
Shinpi-tekina hana! Naze daremoga byōkidesu ka?

Poison February 28, 2019
Hana has chosen to become the leader of the Season Heart Pretty Cure! team, and gave the quartet instructions so they could defeat Destroyer and the Hidoi. The next day, the girls are all talking about what may have killed them when they were the Four Princesses, but when they got to Hana's flower shop, they saw that everyone was falling sick! Everyone immediately blamed Hana because her parents ran the shop, and they were away on business. Akemi, Momoko and Ami want to save Hana, but they are running out of time! Can the girls convince everyone that Hana is innocent? Who is the real culprit behind this evil scheme?

"Are You Serious? The Thing Akemi Fears!"
Shinkendesu ka? Shingu Akemi wa kyōfu shimasu!

Stone March 4, 2019
The culprit was revealed to be Poison with a poisonous flower, and together, the quartet defeated Poison and her Hidoi. The next day, Akemi was walking with Hana to her new home, where Hana lived, but saw fire, and immediately grew scared. Hana asked about this, and Akemi admitted that she was scared of fire because her parents had died in a fire. That explains why Akemi didn't like transforming much! But suddenly, Stone attacks and creates a Hidoi that can control fire, and Akemi is too scared to help. Cure Tulip, Cure Maple and Cure Snowflake are all struggling without Akemi's help. What will Akemi do? Will she face her fear or forever be afraid of her own powers?

"Go Go Momoko! The Competitive Contest!"
Gōgō Momoko! Kyōsō kontesuto!

Destroyer March 11, 2019
Akemi has decided to face her fears of fire and help the Cures. Later that day, a cooking contest is coming up and Momoko is determined to win. However, she meets some competitive competition. But Destroyer appears and sabotages Momoko's and the other contestants' cakes. Momoko is furious, but she wants to help. Will Momoko be able to defeat Destroyer, help the contestants with their cakes but still win?

"Hana's True Dream! The Flower Princess!"
Hana no shin no yume! Hana no purinsesu!

Poison March 18, 2019
Momoko wins the battle against Destroyer, and surprisingly wins the contest, but gives her prize to her rival, who worked hard too. The next day, the girls ask what their true dreams were. Akemi says she wants to be a world-famous athlete, Momoko wants to become a chef and Ami says she wants to become a scientist. When Hana is asked what she wants to become, she grows scared and runs out of the room. Just then, Poison attacks with a Hidoi, and the Cures fight it, however, Poison has made so that it can be defeated when the Cures know each other's dreams. Will Hana face her fears and tell her true dream?

"The Mysterious Items! What Are The Earth Crystals?"
Nazo no aitemu! Chikyū no kesshō wa nanidesu ka?

Poison March 25, 2019
Hana has faced her fears and told everyone her dream: to become someone who can spread smiles through flowers. Meanwhile, as the girls talk to each other about the dangers they will soon face, their Season Wands appear and their adornments start glowing, much to the girls' surprises. Bloom informs the Cures that these adornments are actually Earth Crystals, and once all ten are gathered, the Cures will receive amazing powers. Just then, Poison attacks with a Hidoi and tries to steal the Cures' Earth Crystals. Can the girls stop Poison from taking their Earth Crystals?

"The Sad Melody! The Princess of Evil..."
Kanashī merodī! Aku no ōjo...

Hail April 2, 2019

The girls have managed to stop Poison from taking their Earth Crystals, and purified the Hidoi. The next evening, Hana and Akemi are walking along the street where they hear someone singing: beautiful yet sad. The girls go up the hill and see a woman singing. Hana and Akemi both want to take singing lessons from this beautiful woman, and the woman agrees. But something seems wrong. Every time a person hears the woman's voice, they cry and go home. Just then, once all the four Cures are gathered, the woman reveals herself to be Hail, the heir to the Dusk Area and daughter of Zero! She moves with agility and speed, and knows how to fight well. Can the Cures combine forces and stop Hail?

The Dark Crystal, the fifth of the Earth Crystals, makes its first appearance.


"Appear! The Earth Mirage!"
Hyōji sa remasu! Chikyū Mirāju!

Hail April 9, 2019
The Cures have managed to defeat Hail with their individual attacks combined. The next day, the girls are talking about their Earth Crystals, and suddenly, the Season Wands appear and the Earth Crystals start to glow. The Cures grab their respective Season Wand, and a new item appears: the Earth Mirage. As the Cures admire it, Hail attacks again, only this time with a Hidoi. Can the Cures use to power of the Earth Mirage to stop Hail?

"The New Girl At School! I'm Oshiro Cadence!"
Sukūrude wa shin gāru! Watashi wa Ōshiro Keidensu yo!

Hail April 16, 2019
The girls have used the power of Earth Mirage to stop Hail, and have won. It is a school day the next day, and there is a transfer student: Oshiro Cadence. Cadence seems to be very good at both sports and studies, and rivals Ami herself. But something seems wrong with Cadence. She seems to very nice to everyone, however, she is very mean to the Cures. Can the Cures solve this mystery? Will they ever solve the mystery?

"Hana and Cadence! We Are Friends!"
Hana to Keidensu! Watashitachiha tomodachidesu!

Hail April 23, 2019

Unfortunately, the girls weren't able to solve the mystery, however, Hail had attacked, and the Cures managed to defeat her. Later the next day, Cadence is mean to the Cures as usual, however, Hana believes that Cadence deserves a chance. Hana tries to befriend Cadence, and Cadence becomes nice to Hana, but not the other Cures. Just then, Stone arrives and attacks with a Hidoi, and as usual, he is quite rude to the Cures, but no one knows why he always respects Cadence. What... exactly... is going on with Cadence?

The Animal Crystal, the sixth of the Earth Crystals, makes its first appearance.


"The Missing Hamburger! Akemi's Distress!"
Kieta hanbāgā! Akemi-san no kutsū!

Destroyer April 30, 2019
Once again, the mystery wasn't solved, but the Cures have defeated Stone. Hana takes Akemi to a market the next day, where she learns how to cook. Akemi makes some delicious hamburgers, but when she turned away from them a bit, they disappeared! Akemi, Hana, Momoko and Ami are furious! What happened to the hamburgers?

"Bloom Is A Human?! Pretty Cure's New Power!"
Burūmu wa, hitodearimasu?! Purikyua no shin pawā!

Hail May 6, 2019

It turns out that Destroyer had eaten the hamburgers, but was defeated by the Cures. That night, Bloom gets a dream message from the spirits of the Four Princesses, and the next day, the Cures get a huge shock: Bloom can transform into a human?! But suddenly, Hail attacks, with her Hidoi stronger than before. Can Bloom help the Cures before it is too late?


"The Form of Love! Akemi and Keiko's Problem!"
Ai no katachi! Akemi to Keiko no mondai!

Hail May 13, 2019

Thanks to Bloom, the Cures can perform their first group attack, called Four Season Heart Attack.  Now that Akemi lives with Hana, Hana's little sister, Koizumi Keiko, happens to be very rude towards Akemi, until Keiko took it too far. Can the Cures find out why Keiko is so rude to Akemi?

The Moon Crystal, the seventh of the Earth Crystals, makes its first appearance.


"The Princess Story! My Favourite Picture Book!"
Purinsesu sutōrī! Watashi no sukina ehon!

Hail May 20, 2019
Akemi has discovered that Keiko is rude to her because she's jealous of the love Hana's been giving her. Since that has been cleared up, the next day, the Cures talk about their favourite picture books. But suddenly, Hail attacks with a Hidoi. Can the Cures stop this sort of Hidoi?

"The Science Fair! Ami and the Scientist!"
Saiensu Fea! Ami to kagaku-sha!

Hail May 27, 2019
The Cures have managed to defeat the Hidoi and Hail, and afterwards, Ami begins working on her Science project for the upcoming Science Fair. The Cures support her, but Ami finds some rough competition with one of her rivals, the Student Council Vice President, Asano Tadashi. But suddenly, Hail attacks again, and can Ami defeat Hail and still win the Science Fair?

"A Fifth Pretty Cure?! The Pretty Cure of the Universe!"
Fifusu Purikyua! Uchū no purikyua!

Hail June 3, 2019

Ami manages to defeat Hail and still win the Science Fair! But suddenly, Oshiro Cadence, angry, reveals herself to be Hail. Hana becomes upset, and the Cures try to talk to her. Cadence sends a text message to Hana, saying she wants to battle her. Hana and Hail, now face-to-face, begin to fight. But suddenly, when Hail discovers peace, she gains a new form: the Pretty Cure of the Universe. Will Hail join the team as a Pretty Cure?


"Big Trouble, Big Distress! Cadence's Choice!"
Ōkina toraburu, biggu sōnan! Keidensu choisu!

Zero June 10, 2019

Hail, now known as Oshiro Cadence, has regrets of what she did in the past, and refuses to join the Pretty Cure. Hana has her sights set on Cadence joining the team. Akemi, Momoko, Ami and Bloom try to help, but nothing seems to work, not even after a surprise "Welcome-To-The-Team!" party. Can the Cures finally get Cadence to join the team and actually take on the role of a Pretty Cure?

The Earth Crystal, the eighth of the Earth Crystals, makes its first appearance.


"Cadence In Trouble! Arata's Refusal!"
Toraburu de Keidensu! Arata no kyohi!

Stone June 17, 2019
Cadence finally agrees to join the team after the Cures get in seriously big trouble with her father, Zero. Everyone is happy, however Momoko spots Cadence upset. Momoko then discovers that after leaving the Dusk Area, Cadence has nowhere to go. Momoko wants to help so badly, but her overprotective father, Akikaze Arata, refuses to let Momoko help Cadence. What will Momoko do?

"The Secret Is Out! Ami's Sister Knows!"
Himitsu wa autodesu! Ami no imōto wa shitte imasu!

Poison June 24, 2019
Thank goodness for Cadence, because Arata had finally agreed to help Cadence, and allowed her to become a part of their family. The next day at school, Ami's twin sister, Yuriko, discovers that the five girls have been hiding a secret, and has discovered that the girls are Pretty Cure! Yuriko realises that this secret will get more people to read the reports, and she'll be noticed by her favourite reporter, and she'll become famous! What will the Cures do?

"The Pretty Cure Teacher! Meet Miss Amare!"
Purikyua no sensei! Mīto Misu Amāre!

Destroyer July 1, 2019
After witnessing a fierce battle between the Cures and Poison's Hidoi, Yuriko finally decides to keep the Pretty Cure secret, and joins the team as the manager. Bloom wants the Cures to meet the teacher, so they summon the fairy teacher, Miss Amare. Miss Amare decides to set the Cures some challenges that they had to do in the past. Soon, Destroyer arrives and creates a Hidoi. Can the Cures find the true meaning of hope like Miss Amare mentioned, and with this power, can they defeat him?

"Student Council Elections! Cadence VS Ami!"
Seito-kai senkyo! Keidensu tai Ami!

Poison July 8, 2019

The Cures have managed to find the true meaning of hope and have defeated Destroyer and his Hidoi by using the new attack, Raging Heart Purification. The next day, Ami goes to a Student Council Meeting, where she learns that they are holding a Student Council Election. Ami is determined to continue being the President, but Cadence wants to become President too. Here comes big trouble as the two battle for the position! Who will win?

The Water Crystal, the ninth of the Earth Crystals, makes its first appearance.


"The Talent Show of the Century! Four Season Light!"
Seiki no tarento shō! Fō Shīzun Raito!

Stone July 15, 2019

Cadence, realising that Ami is the best at being the Student Council, votes for her to be Student Council President, and decides to become the Vice President. At a meeting, the annual Tokyo Academy of Arts Talent Show is coming up, and the Cures decide to start a band, called Four Season Light. Soon, the Talent Show starts, but before the Cures could start performing, Stone arrives and causes havoc, but creates a musical Hidoi. With the power of their songs, can they defeat the Hidoi?


"Hana's Shock! The Handsome Boy Who Loves Hana!"
Hana no shokku! Hana o aisuru hansamubōi!

Stone July 22, 2019

The Cures have both defeated the Hidoi and won the talent show using their newest song, 100% Princess. The Cures, happy that they won, walk to school the next day, however, they meet the handsome Fujimoto Mamoru who kept acting strange around Hana. It is soon revealed: he has a crush on Hana when everyone thought he had a crush on Tanaka Sakura. Hana, shocked, doesn't know what to do, but because of this, the school is attacked. The Cures struggle to defeat the Hidoi. Mamoru then realises that Cure Tulip is actually Hana, and tells her so. What will Tulip do?


"To The Couple's Happiness! I Have A Dream!"
Kappuru no shiawaseni! Watashi wa yume ga arimasu!

Destroyer July 27, 2019
Tulip, realising that Mamoru must love her a lot to keep going, decides to confess her love too, and was able to defeat the Hidoi. Now Mamoru and Hana are in a relationship, much to the Cures' excitement. Momoko, happy, decides to write them a song who much she appreciates them, but can't find the correct words. Just then, Destroyer attacks with a Hidoi, and this Hidoi can only be defeated with a song of love. Can Momoko find the correct words to defeat the Hidoi and still bring happiness to Hana and Mamoru?

"Study Power! Study For The Exam!"
Kenkyū pawā! Shiken no tame ni benkyō shimasu!

Poison August 4, 2019
Momoko found the correct lyrics and wrote a new song, I Have A Dream, to Hana and Mamoru. The next day, the girls receive a warning that in a few days time, an exam would come, and Hana and Akemi freak out, but Cadence says that she has never had an exam before. Can the girls pass this exam? Or will they fail?

"Cadence's Nightmare! What Do I Do?"
Keidensu no akumu! Watashi wa nani o shimasu ka?

Stone August 11, 2019

Thankfully, the girls have managed to pass the exam, and finally get holidays! But as the holidays start, Cadence finds that she is having nightmares: dream messages from Zero, begging her to come home. Cadence keeps refusing, but now Zero threatens to kidnap one of her friends. Cadence soon grows more depressed, which worries the Cures. How will the Cures help Cadence?

The Light Crystal, the tenth of the Earth Crystals, makes its first appearance.


"It Came True! Hana's At The Dusk Area!"
Sore wa kanaimashita! Hana no attoza Dotsuku Eria!

Zero August 18, 2019
The Cures have managed to stop Cadence's depression, but her nightmares just keep coming. Now Hana went missing! The Cures search all over, when Zero arrives, and tells them that Cadence's nightmare came true! Cadence knew that her father would do such a horrible thing. Will the Cures ever get Hana back? Or will she stay in the Dusk Area forever?

"Operation: Save Hana! Receive Our Feelings!"
Sōsa: Hana o setsuyaku! Watashitachi no kimochi o uketorimasu!

Dusk Area August 25, 2019
The Cures make their way to the Dusk Area, where they find Cure Tulip, tired but unharmed. Now the Cures have to find their way out, but not without Zero sending his minions after them. The girls use their new attacks to stop him. Can they actually do it and go home?

"The Pretty Cure Have Become Animals?! Break The Curse!"
Purikyua wa, dōbutsu ni natte kimashita! Noroi o yaburimasu!

Poison September 1, 2019
The Cures have managed to use their new attacks to stop Zero's minions and were able to go home. Miss Amare, worried about what will happen to the Cures, decides to teach the girls the characteristics of a certain animal that represents them. Just then, Poison appears and turns Hana into a swan, Akemi into a fox, Momoko into a ferret, Ami into an owl and Cadence into a rabbit. Can the girls stop Poison's curse?

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