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Serena Richards
Serena Richards
Hoshina Miyuki
Personal Info
SeasonFlower Precure

Magical Girl

Birthday28th May
Hair ColorYellow Colour Blonde (Serena)

Carrot Orange (Cure Marigold)

Eye ColorBlue Colour Blue (Serena)

Carrot Orange (Cure Marigold)

FamilyMay Richards (sister)

Melanie Richards (adoptive mother)

Autumn and April Richards (adoptive younger sisters)

Samuel Richards (Adoptive father)

Flower Queen (mother)

King Cendre (father)

Queen Foxglove (Aunt)

Home PlaceFlower Destroyers (As Sirena)

Flower Kingdom (former) Starlight Hills

First AppearanceFPC01 (As Sirena)

FPC17 (As Serena) FPC18 (As Cure Marigold)

Voice Actor(s)Tanaka Rie (Japanese)

Rebecca Shoichet (English)

Pretty Cure Info
Alter EgoCure Marigold

Sirena (Evil)

LoyaltyFlower Kingdom
Theme ColorCarrot Orange

Black Black (Sirena)

Serena Richards (保科みずき Hoshina Miyuki) is one of the main characters in Flower Precure. Before episode 17, she used to be one of the main antagonists known as Sirena and served under Queen Foxglove. Her cure-alter ego is Cure Marigold, the orange flower of music.


Becoming Sirena


Meeting May for the first time


Purification and becoming Cure Marigold




Cure Marigold

"The orange flower of the heart's melody! Cure Marigold!"
心のメロディーのオレンジ色の花! キュアマリーゴールド!
Kokoro no merodī no orenji-iro no hana! Kyuamarīgōrudo!

Cure Marigold (キュアマリーゴールド Kyuamarīgōrudo) is Serena's alter ego.


"In the name of Queen Foxglove, I will cover the world in despair!"
Joō kitsunenotebukuro no namae de, watashi wa zetsubō de sekai o kabā shimasu!

Sirena (サイリーナ Sairīna) is Serena's evil alter ego.


Serena's voice actresses, Tanaka Rie and Rebecca Shoichet, have participated in several image songs for the character they play.


Beautiful Harmony (1st Japanese)

My Past is not today (1st English)


Sisterly Harmony (With Nabatame Hitomi)


Serena - means clear, tranquil and serene

Richards - means brave power

Hoshina - TBA

Miyuki - TBA


  • Out of the Flower Precure team, she has the longest hair in her cure form
  • She is the fourth cure to be a villain who becomes a cure after Higashi Setsuna, Kurokawa Ellen and Akagi Towa.
    • However, she is the first villain who is the lead cure's sister
  • She is the second cure to have orange as her theme colour after Hino Akane/Cure Sunny
  • She shares her voice actress with Kujou Hikari
  • She shares her birthday with Yotsuba Alice
  • She shares her English voice actress with Starlight Glimmer
    • They also have a similar past due them both being antagonists before being good


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