Shimizu Michiru
Shimizu Michiru
Personal Info
SeasonMiracle Wish Pretty Cure
BirthdayJune 23
Hair ColorNavy Blue (Michiru)
Azure (Cascade)
Eye ColorDark Blue (Michiru)
Azure (Cascade)
FamilyShimizu Kaito (Father)
Shimizu Shizuku † (Mother)
Mizuki Chinami (Cousin)
Home PlaceTerumiya
First AppearanceMWPC02
Voice Actor(s)Kadowaki Mai
Pretty Cure Info
Alter EgoCure Cascade
WeaponOcean Tambourine
LoyaltyPretty Cure
Theme ColorBlue

Shimizu Michiru (清水みちるShimizu Michiru) is one of the main characters from Miracle Wish Pretty Cure. She is the fourteen year old heiress to her family's fortune. Michiru's alter ego is Cure Cascade (キュアカスケード Kyua Kasukēdo?) who is the Guardian of Joy blessed with the powers of the crystal clear waters.



In civilian, Michiru has short navy blue hair that is half way down her neck with a light blue clip keeping her bangs out of her face. She usually wears a white button up shirt with a light blue long sleeved sweater vest and both are usually rolled up to her elbows. She wears has a black belt that hangs loosely over her waist. Michiru wears grayish colored jean shorts and also wears black converse an white socks.



  • Shimizu Kaito - Michiru's father and head of the Shimizu Corporation. Though he is often abroad for work he still calls every night to see how Michiru is doing.
  • Shimizu Shizuku - Michiru's deceased mother. Michiru remembers her as a kind but quirky person with a love for tokusatsu.
  • Mizuki Chinami - Michiru's older cousin. Michiru is jealous of her and her ability to be a normal girl and being able to hang out with her friends.


Cure Cascade

"The Crystal Clear Water of Joy, Cure Cascade!"
Yorokobi no junsui, Kyua Kasukēdo!



"Pretty Cure! Miracle Revolution!" - is the official transformation phrase used by Shimizu Michiru in order to transform into Cure Cascade in Miracle Wish Pretty Cure.


Shimizu (清水) : A common Japanese surname that means pure water. It's a reference to Cure Cascade's power over water.

Michiru (みちる): While its meaning is not inherent, but the word itself means "to rise" (満?). As in like a tide.


Michiru's voice actress, Kodowaki Mai , has participated in several image songs for the character she voices. Many of them include duets with Amamiya Sora, who voices Hanazawa Satsuki, Saito Chiwa, who voices Ozora Kaori and Murata Tomosa, who voices Tsukino Kazumi.


  • Guardians of Miracles (along with the voice actresses of Hanazawa Satsuki, Ozora Kaori, and Tsukino Kazumi)
  • Bonds of Tomorrow (along with the voice actresses of Hanazawa Satsuki, Ozora Kaori, and Tsukino Kazumi)
  • Sea Breeze (along with the voice actress of Ozora Kaori)



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