This is a movie based on the series Shining Galaxy Precure.


Hoshi never experienced anything beyond what she is experiencing now. Merida who remembers the events of the previous reality tells in the beginning about Angel Stella and how she is trying to create an endless loop of timelines by destroying galaxies and creating new ones. But Angel Stella on the other hand tells Hoshi that Merida is wrong in so many levels and gives her the power to remember one of the previous realities. Hoshi then understands why Stella is doing this. But what do you think would happen?


  • The plot changed.


  • This is the second movie where the lead cure doesn't upgrade in order to save the day from a huge evil threat.
    • This is because in this movie the green cure is the main protagonist and not the pink cure.
    • This is also because the pink cure this time gets influenced by the evil threat.
  • This movie contains some plot twists.

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