Shining Galaxy Vocal Album 1 ~Star Of Hope~ (ホープのギャラクシーボーカルアルバム1 〜スター〜シャイニング) is the first album for Shining Galaxy Precure. It features normal songs, the opening theme song, first ending theme song and first character songs.

Track List

1. Twinkling! Shining Galaxy Precure

2. Kirameku Yozora

3. Wish Upon A Star

4. New Reality

5. Yozora

6.. Inochi Wa Utsukushi

7. Rainbow Sky

8. Shooting Starlight

9. Beautiful Aurora

10. Tenmongaku

11. Wakusei Shinkō

12. Don't Cry


  • Most of the songs apart from a few are calm songs instead of upbeat.

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