Shining Heart Necklaces
Hāto Shainingu Nekkuresu
AppearanceEpisode 1
UsageTo help the Cures transform
OwnerThe Heartful Shine Pretty Cure team
AbilitiesHelps the Cures transform and perform their attacks.
Group AttackNone
The Shining Heart Necklace (ハートネックレスシャイニング Shainingu Hāto Nekkuresu) looks like a necklace with the fairy mascot's head as the decoration, which the girls use to transform into Pretty Cure.


The Shining Heart Necklace is the transformation device in Heartful Shine Pretty Cure. The girls have to do the unlocking sign on the fairy mascot's head, which will help them transform into Pretty Cure. It can also help the Cures to perform their main attacks.


The Shining Heart Necklace looks like a normal necklace and is the theme colour of the Cures it helps to transform. The fairy mascot's head is also there, as the decoration on the necklace. At the back of the necklace is a gold chain, so the Cures can take it off. On the sides is the heart jewels of the theme colours of every Cure in the team except for the owner's (e.g. If it is Cure Legend's Shining Heart Necklace, then there would be an orange, yellow, green and blue heart jewel on each side).


  • The Shining Heart Necklaces are the first transformation items to be a necklace.
  • The Shining Heart Necklaces are the fifth transformation items to help the Cures perform their main attacks.