The Shiny Rainbow Land (シャイニーレインボーランド Shainī Reinbō Rando) was a land that was featured in the season Heartful Shine Pretty Cure, and was the place where Aika, Bunko, Chinatsu, Emi, Hana, Cure Love and Queen Shiori were born. The kingdom was under Queen Shiori's control and during her reign, everyone lived in peace and harmony. It first appeared in Episode 1 as a part of Akiyama Akiko's dream.


In Peace

Back then, everyone was happy and lived in peace and harmony, and there were hardly any wrong deeds. Queen Shiori was happy and loved to make everyone smile, so she visited the orphanages a lot so they could be happy. Cure Love also protected the Gates of the Rainbow with the other Cures.

Under Tatsuya's Control

One day, the Commanders of Despair, Tatsuya and his daughter, Darkilia, overpowered all the Cures at the Gates of the Rainbow and captured them, all of them except Cure Love. She was only a young Cure then, so she raced back and told Queen Shiori what was happening. Then the Commanders of Despair began turning everyone into Sakebis, and Queen Shiori sent the fairies, Aika, Bunko, Chinatsu and Emi to Earth, and Queen Shiori went there herself. Cure Love, however, stayed behind, and, wanting to avenge her fallen kingdom and fellow Cures, she began to fight Tatsuya. Unfortunately, Tatsuya was too powerful for her, and the defeated Cure Love knew she needed help, so she sent out dreams of the event to Akiyama Akiko, Tachibana Chiharu, Fukui Emiko and Nakamura Harumi.


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