Sparkling Tune Precure
General Information
Created on1/09/2016
Director(s)Chinatsu Kiseki
Original Run??? 2038 - ??? 2039
Opening SongSing Forever🎶Sparkling Tune Precure!
Ending SongSing🎵Dance!
Series Info


PredecessorShining Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure
SuccessorYes! Pretty Cure 5! Future Stars!
Sparkling Tune Precure (スパークリングチューンプリキュア Supākuringuchūnpurikyua?) is the 21st original fanseries created by Chinatsu Kiseki. The series' main motifs are music and idols


When the Tune Kingdom is invaded by the Chillar Empire, Princess Melody goes to Ritmo City under the name of Kibana Melody to search for the Tune Stars and the legendary idols, Precure. On Earth, Mizuki Lyra, a famous idol who attends Ritmo Academy, meets Melody on the way to school with Melody telling Lyra that she just transferred to the Academy. Suddenly, Grito appears and transforms a student into Chillido. The two girls then hear a voice from the sky who then throws two Ipad-like items down which lands in the girls' hands while the bear like fairy, Accord, lands in a tree. He then tells the two girls to shout "Precure Idol Makeover!" which they then do and become the legendary idols, Cure Lyria and Cure Cantante!

Sparkling Tune Precure Episodes



Mizuki Lyra (水木ライラ Mizuki Raira?)/Cure Lyria (キュアリーリャ Kyuarīrya?)

The lead cure of the season. Lyra is a famous idol as well as model. She is always hyper during performances however she is very shy outside performances but very kind. Her cure alter ego is Cure Lyria, the dreaming legendary idol whose theme colour is pink

Kibana Melody (木花メロディ Kibana merodi?)/Cure Concerto (キュアコンチェルト Kyuakoncheruto?)/Princess Melody (プリンセスメロディ Purinsesumerodi?)

The princess of the Tune Kingdom who came to Ritmo City in search of the Tune Stars as well as the legendary idols, Precure only to find that she was one herself. Her cure alter ego is Cure Concerto, the harmonising legendary idol whose theme colour is green.


Accorde (アコード Akōdo?)

The main mascot of the season as well as Melody's butler in the Tune Kingdom. He is very protective of Melody but can be quite childish.

Chillar Empire

Empress Blues (エンプレスブルース Enpuresuburūsu?)

The main antagonist. She is very sadistic and dull wanting to rid the world of idols and joy to bring her own happiness through despair.

Supporting Characters






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