Sugar Precure
General Information
Created on28/03/16
NetworkToei Animation
Original RunTBA
Opening SongSugar Sweet! Sugar Precure
Ending SongSugary Dreams (1-25)
Series Info


PredecessorHarmonic Season Precure
SuccessorElemental Magic Precure

Sugar Precure (シュガープリキュア Shugāpurikyua) is the thirteenth season created by hickmanm. The series motif is sweets and music.





Hayashi Haru (林春 Hayashi Haru)/Cure Bubblegum (キュアバブルガム kyuababarugamu) - the lead cure. She loves cooking and is very smart. Although she may not seem like it, she is very lonely until she meets Nao. the princess of the Sugar Kingdom and Smoothie. Her cure-alter ego is Cure Bubblegum (キュアバブルガム kyuababarugamu), the sweet of friendship and love whose theme colour is pink.

Akagi Nao (高木ナオ Akagi Nao)/Cure Cola - the princess of the Sugar Kingdom. Although she is sporty, she is not good at school. Her cure-alter ego is Cure Cola, the sweet of courage and effervescence whose theme colour is red

Chinen Naora/Cure Jelly - A energetic girl who loves drawing. Her cure-alter ego is Cure Jelly, the sweet of creativity whose theme colour is purple.

Tokuda Michiru/Cure Maple - A shy girl who is very kind. Her cure-alter ego is Cure Maple, the sweet of kindness whose theme colour is yellow.

Aida Hana/Sweet Heart/Bitter - One of the original antagonists and the first to attack Haruna and Nao. As an antagonist, she uses her voice for her evil. However when she is purified, she becomes Sweet Heart and uses songs to purify Sanmi's. Her cure-alter ego is Sweet Heart, the sweet of music and her theme colour is green


Sugar Commune - the transformation item for the cures.

Sweet Heart Pad - The transformation item for Sweet Heart

Bubblegum Ribbon - the purification item for Cure Bubblegum

Cola Tambourine - the purification item for Cure Cola

Jelly Rod - The purification item for Cure Jelly

Maple Bow - The purification item for Cure Maple

Sweet Heart Mic. - The purification item for Sweet Heart

Sugar Wands - The purification item group for the cures.


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