Sun Moon Pretty Cure!
General Information
Director(s)Rerifu Chan
Original RunFebruary 4, 2018
Opening SongTime Of Day! Sun Moon Pretty Cure!
Ending SongSun-Day!, Moon-Night!
Series Info
Theme(s)Times of Day
PredecessorKira Kira Pretty Cure A La Mode
SuccessorEmotion Pretty Cure!
Pretty cure all stars new stage base by princess peach1-d4uob4k

The 4 Main Cures

Sun Moon Pretty Cure English Title

The English Logo

Sun Moon Pretty Cure! (サンムーンプリキュア! Sanmūnpurikyua!?) is a fanmade Pretty Cure series created by Rerifu Chan. The series motifs are times of day and happiness.


The logo for this series has been released on October, 2017 while it trademarked again on November, 2017


Pretty Cures

Asahikawa Hi (旭川日 Asahikawa-hi?) / Cure Day (キュアデイ Kyuadei?)
The lead cure of the series. Hi is a very positive girl who always sees the bright side of everything. She also always tries to encourage the shy and unmotivated, especially Sora. Her Pretty Cure alter ego is Cure Day, the Pretty Cure of Day whose theme colour is yellow.

Nichiya Sora (夜そら Nichiya sora?) / Cure Night (キュアナイト Kyuanaito?)
A dark and mysterious girl. Sora always has a negative personality, which contrasts to Hi's positive personality. She can be very unmotivated with work and is very good at sports. Her Pretty Cure alter ego is Cure Night, the Pretty Cure of Night whose theme colour is dark blue.

Kinboshi Amaterasu (金星天照 Kinboshi amaterasu?) / Cure Morning (キュアモーニング Kyuamōningu?)
A fun-loving 13-year old. She is always happy and never frowns, even in the worst situations. Her Pretty Cure alter ego is Cure Morning, the Pretty Cure of the Sun whose theme colour is orange.

Tsukihime Kaguya (月姫カグヤ Tsukihime kaguya?) / Cure Evening (キュアイブニング Kyuaibingu?)
A girl who is said to be Princess Kaguya herself. She is gentle, kind and friendly. Her Pretty Cure alter ego is Cure Evening, the Pretty Cure of the moon whose theme colour is blue.


Past (パスツト Pasuto?)
The main fairy of the season.

Present (プレゼント Purezento?)

Future (フューチャー Fu~yūchā?)


Supporting Characters


  • Time Commune (タイムコミューン Taimukomyūn?)
    The cures transformation item. To activate the power of the Time Communes, the Pretty Cure must have their respective Time Key and must be shouting "Pretty Cure, Sun Moon Makeover!"
  • Time Keys (タイムキーズ Taimukīzu?)
    The main collectible items of the series. The Jour, Nuit, Matin and Soir keys activate the Pretty Cures' transformation.
  • Day Star (デイスター Deisutā?)
    Cure Day's attack item. It allows her to perform Day Burst.
  • Night Moon (ナイトムーン Naitomūn?)
    Cure Night's attack item. It allows her to perform Night Eclipse.
  • Morning Sceptre (モーニングセプター Mōninguseputā?)
    Cure Morning's attack item. It allows her to perform Morning Sunrise.
  • Evening Wand (イブニングワンド Ibinguwando?)
    Cure Evening's attack item. It allows her to perform Evening Moonlight.


Miracle School-The school the Pretty Cure attend

Time Town - The cures' hometown


  • This is the first series to have the theme "Times Of Day"
  • This is the 1st series made by MagicalGirlAnimeFan on this wiki.
    • This is the Pretty Cure series to celebrate almost 15 years of Pretty Cure.


Please refer to the page Sun Moon Pretty Cure! Merchandise.


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