Super ☆彡Pretty Cure! S
Sūpā ☆ 彡 Purikyua! S
General Information
Director(s)Yousei A. Sina
Opening SongPretty Cure: The Adventure Begins!
Ending SongCherry Blossom Dance
Series Info
Theme(s)Light and Dark
A Strong Will
PredecessorSuper ☆彡Pretty Cure!
SuccessorElemental Pretty Cure!
Super ☆彡Pretty Cure! S (short for Super ☆彡Pretty Cure! Stars) is another independent Pretty Cure fan anime created by Yousei A. Sina. The series has no real predecessor so it can be seen as the start of a new Pretty Cure fan anime franchise.

The Story of Super ☆彡Pretty Cure! S stars where Super ☆彡Pretty Cure! ended. After Sepia put a magical curse on the world, a new enemy rises to spread darkness over the world by using the drangon's powers.



Pretty Cures

  • Mochidzuki Rei (望月 れい Mochidzuki Rei?) - A very engaged person, Rei is second year middle school student, who appears to be clumsy and to be good at nothing else than cooking. But what almost no one knows is that she is also pretty good at some kinds of sports and loves athletics. At school, she is pretty much an outsider who seems to be invisible to others. Currently, Rei takes care for Croissant, who granted her the power of Pretty Cure. Her Pretty Cure alter ego is Cure Crescent (キュアクレセント Kyua Kuresento?).
  • Izumi Yuuhi (和泉 ゆうひ Izumi Yūhi?) - A young girl in Rei's age. However, Yuuhi is in a different class than Rei. Yuuhi, sometimes referred as the school's princess, is part of the students council and is in charge for the school's flower beds, as she is the president of the Flower Love Club. Though she is usually kind, she can also be a bit stubborn and arrogant, especially towards those who know her well. Currently, Yuuhi fights alongside with Mochidzuki Rei as Pretty Cure. Her Pretty Cure alter ego is Cure Stellar (キュアステラー Kyua Suterā?).
  • Mitsuwa Nanako (三ツ和 ななこ Mitsuwa Nanako?) - A first year student who has a clear vision of her future. Nanako is a pretty famous junior actress, whose family just moved to the town. Though she likes being the center of the spotlight, she wants to live a normal life. For that, she has chosen Rei as her 'senpai' and follows her around all the time after they met. Currently, Nanako takes care for Prism, who granted her the power of Pretty Cure. Her Pretty Cure alter ego is Cure Spectrum (キュアスペクトラム Kyua Supekutoramu?).
  • Xiulan Jin (秀兰金 Xiùlán Jīn?) - Xiulan's family has just moved to the city. She originally comes from China and now has to learn a new languages as well as finding new friends. Xiulan is mostly calm and tries to stay nice. However, she can pretty impulsive and hates when people pronounce her name wrong or call her by her last name. She takes the Pretty Cure alter ego Cure Lotus (キュアロータス Kyua Rōtasu?) while fighting against monsters of darkness.


  • Croissant (クロワッサン Kurowassan?) - The little fairy of light, who came to earth to find the drops of light. On his search, he stumbled over Pretty Cure. He is the source of Rei and Yuuhi's Pretty Cure powers. He usually ends his sentences with "~kure".
  • Prism (プリズム Purizumu?) - The fairy of colors. She came to earth right after Croissant left. However, she didn't know that he went to find the drops already. On her search, she found the Pretty Cure of colors, and gave her powers to Nanako. She usually ends her sentences with "~purii".
  • Petal (ペタル Petaru?) - A young dragon-like fairy who comes from the Dragon Island. After the curse has been spread around the world, Petal came to earth to find the reincarnation of the Lotus Dragon. She usually ends her sentences with "~ru".


  • Dark Dragon (クラヤミリュー Kurayamiryū?)
  • Evil Seeds (邪悪の種 Jaaku no tane?) - A group of monsters following the Dark Dragon. Known members are:

Other Characters

  • Yozora Utami (余空 歌美 Yozora Utami?) - The leader of the idol group YATTA! ~Otome Circle~.


  • PreChargers (プリチャージャー Purichājā?) - A smartphone-like device that Rei and Yuuhi use to transform into Pretty Cure. The PreChargers were granted by Croissant and they transform with the phrase "Moon and Sun! Miracle Start!".
  • Luminary Watch (ルミナリー・ウォッチ Ruminarī U~otchi?) - A heart-shaped device which Nanako uses to transform into the Pretty Cure of colors. It was granted by Prism and her transformation phrase is "Eternal light! Miraculous Kaleidoscope!".
  • Hanabi Fans (花火の扇 Hanabi no ōgi?) - The attack items of this season.


  • Douwa City (童話市 Dōwa-shi?) - The town which most of the plot takes place.
  • Benibara Middle School (べにばら中学 Benibara chūgaku?) - The middle school the three main characters attend.
  • Shirayuki High School (しらゆき高校 Shirayuki kōkō?) - The high school Izumi Reina attends.
  • H・O・P・E (H・O・P・E Hōpu?) - The Bakery owned by Rei's family.
  • Island of Life (命のアイランド Inochi no Airando?) - The place where the palace of light can be found, it is a big island on earth, inisible to humans, protected by a magiacl spell. It is also possible that Croissant and Prism come from the Island of Life.
  • Dragon Island (竜の島 Ryū no shima?) - The home of the Sacred Dragons of the Light.





Pretty Cure, the franchise and all seasons, characters, music, ect. belongs to Toei Animation and their actual creators! I don't own the name "Pretty Cure", it is owned by Toei Animation! However, Super ☆彡Pretty Cure! S of this version, its characters, story, etc. is created as a fan series to Pretty Cure and is my original work! None of the informations will ever be official and are purely fan made!


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