Sweet Royale Pretty cure !
スウィートロイヤルプリキュア !
Suu~ītoroiyarupurikyua !
General Information
Opening SongSweet Royale Pretty cure ! POP!
Ending Song1-2-3 Candy!

Bring the sweet ~ Forever!

Series Info



Crystal Sweets, twenty mystical dessert like jewels that hold the sparkling realm of Sucre in balance, which was peaceful and calm until the evil villain known as Madame Acide appeared along with her four loyal minions before attacking and unfortunately transforming it from it's beautiful pressence to a gloomy and sour filled wasteland.

As a result the queen sent two fairies named Fragaria and Choco to the planet earth, insearch of the warriors of legend known as Pretty cure in hope of restoring their homeland before it's too late.

Pretty Cure & Allies

Pretty cure 

Tanigawa Cream / Cure Cream

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