Tachibana Nora
Tachibana Nora
Personal Info
NameTachibana "Maka" Nora
BirthdayJune 9
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBrown
Director Info
Debut SeasonShining Jewels Pretty Cure
StudioToei Animation
NetworkTV Asahi

Tachibana Nora (立花ノラ Tachibana Nora) is the pen name of Cure Alumi and a Pretty Cure director, known for Shining Jewels Pretty Cure.

Pretty Cure Season

Season Run Theme
Shining Jewels Pretty Cure February 7, 2016 Gemstones, Nature


Tachibana (立花) - Translates to "wild orange"

Nora (ノラ) - Translates to either "light" or "woman of honor", depending on its origin being either from Greek or Latin.

The nickname Maka is a play off of the author's real name (Mackenzie).

In truth, the name has nothing to do with the author, rather the character the user got her name from. One of the character's verbal tics is "-nanora", which is played in the name (Tachibana Nora). Also, "-nora" is a second verbal tic used.