Terumi Chiyo
Terumi Chiyo
Personal Info
SeasonCosmic☆Star Pretty Cure!
SpeciesMagical Girl
Hair ColorBlonde (Chiyo)
Hot Pink (Cosmos)
Eye ColorBlue (Chiyo)
Pink (Cosmos)
Home PlacePandora (formerly)
Misora (currently)
First AppearanceCSPC01
Voice Actor(s)Nanjō Yoshino
Pretty Cure Info
Alter EgoCure Cosmos
LoyaltyPretty Cure
Theme ColorRose Pink
Terumi Chiyo (照美ちよ Terumi Chiyo?), also known by her real name Cosmos (コスモス Kosumosu?), is the main character of Cosmic☆Star Pretty Cure!. Originally from Pandora, she is naive and sweet who will do anything to defeat Alien to take back what they did to her home planet. Chiyo's Pretty Cure alter ego is Cure Cosmos (キュアコスモス Kyua Kosumosu?) and her power is based of healing.


General Information



Cure Cosmos


Chiyo has a strong sense of justice, is hardworking and isn't afraid to take up a challenge, even if it means she might lose. However, she can be quite naive and sweet as well as being very awkward at times. She holds deep despair inside of her for the loss of Pandora, her home planet and will do anything to revive it and often cries to herself at night without Star or Seiki realizing. There are times that Chiyo can act immature and girlish which freaks Star out sometimes.





Terumi (照美?): Teru (?) means either 'bright' or 'shine' which is probably a reference to the theme of the series, stars that can shine brightly. Mi (?) means 'beauty' or 'beautiful'. Together Terumi means either 'Bright Beauty' [1] or 'Beautiful Shine' [2]

Chiyo (ちよ?): Chi (?) means 'thousand' while this Yo (?) means 'generations' or 'years' and this Yo (?) means 'world' or 'sparkle'. If written as Chiyo (千代?) it means 'Thousand Generations' or 'Thousand Years' and if written as Chiyo (千世?) it means 'Thousand Worlds' [3] or 'Thousands Sparkles' [4], which is probably a reference to all the stars that sparkle in the night sky.

Cure Cosmos means the world or universe regarded as an orderly, harmonious system. Cosmos can also mean order; harmony. [5]

Pretty Cure

Cure Cosmos

"The shooting star shining throughout the galaxy! Cure Cosmos!"
Ginga zentai de kagayaku nagareboshi! Kyua Kosumosu!

Cure Cosmo (キュアコスモス Kyua Kosumosu?) is the Pretty Cure alter ego of Chiyo. She controls the power of healing and transforms with the phrase, "Pretty Cure, Celestial Power!". Her main attack is Sparkle Cosmos.


  • Sparkle Cosmos (スパークルコスモス Supākuru Kosumosu?) is Cure Cosmos' main attack.


"Pretty Cure, Celestial Power!" - Pretty Cure, Celestial Power is the official transformation phrase used by Terumi Chiyo to transform into Cure Cosmos in Cosmic☆Star Pretty Cure!.


Chiyo's voice actor, Nanjō Yoshino, has participated in several image songs for the character she voices. Many of them include duets with Itō Kanae, who voices Hiroshi Seiki.



  • Chiyo is the third Pretty Cure to already have her powers at the start of the first episode after Cure Sword and Cure Princess.
    • However, she is the first lead/pink Cure to have her powers before episode one.
  • Chiyo is the seventh Cure to originate from another world but is the first Cure to come from a different planet. 
  • Chiyo is the first pink Cure to have blonde hair in civilian form and hot pink hair in Cure form instead of hazel/magenta/auburn hair in civilian form and blonde hair in Cure form. 
  • Chiyo is the sixth Cure to have a drastic hair color change.
    • She is however, the first Cure to have a drastic eye color change, from blue to pink.
  • She is the first Pink Cure to be partners with a purple Cure instead of a white or blue Cure.


Official Profile/Art


Terumi Chiyo

Cure Cosmos




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