The Heart Swords
Hāto Sōdō
UsageTo perform advanced attacks
OwnerThe Heartful Shine Pretty Cure team
AbilitiesDreams, faith, happiness, courage and wisdom
Group AttackHeartful Healing

The Heart Swords (ハート剣 Hāto Sōdo) are sword-like finisher weapons first appearing when the Cures each save a member of their family. Each member has her own Heart Sword with a unique name for it. In Heartful Shine Pretty Cure the Movie: Purinsesu & Kibo No Hikari, another Heart Sword appears, used by the Light of Hope.

The Heart Swords

The names of the Heart Sword are as follows:

  • Dreaming Sword (ドリーミング剣 Dorīmingu Sōdo) - Cure Legend's Heart Sword
  • Faithful Sword (忠実な剣 Faithfuru Sōdo) - Cure Miracle's Heart Sword
  • Happy Sword (ハッピー剣 Happī Sōdo) - Cure Fantasy's Heart Sword
  • Courageous Sword (勇気の剣 Korajesu Sōdo) - Cure Soul's Heart Sword
  • Wise Sword (ワイズ剣 Waizu Sōdo) - Cure Love's Heart Sword
  • Purity Heart Sword (純度ハート剣 Puuriti Hāto Sōdo) - The Light of Hope's Heart Sword. The movie exclusive Heart Sword, which allows her to perform the Shining Heart Punch attack.

The Heart Swords are used to fight and grants the Cures more power during their attacks, and the Heart Swords are used for this series' purification attack, Heartful Healing. In the movie, the Light of Hope is seen battling with her Heart Sword with Fang, and the Light of Hope uses her attack to finally defeat Fang.


Each Cure's Heart Sword is named after their emotion that they represent. However, it is not the full name of that emotion, as first two and the fourth each grows longer and the third and fifth become shorter.

  • The Dreaming Sword is named after dreams.
  • The Faithful Sword is named after faith.
  • The Happy Sword is named after happiness.
  • The Courageous Sword is named after courage.
  • The Wise Sword is named after wisdom.
  • The Purity Heart Sword is named after purity.


  • The Purity Heart Sword is also named after the Light of Hope's pure heart, and in the legend, the Light of Hope had the purest heart of them all.
  • The Heart Swords are similar to Enchantix from Winx Club, as both upgrades come from saving a member of their family.
  • Since Cure Legend's ultimate form is the Light of Hope, fans think that her emotion has changed. However, it only changes when she is in the Light of Hope form.