Tokyo Academy of Arts (東京藝術アカデミー Tōkyō Gei-Jutsu Gakuin) is the school that Koizumi Hana, Chinen Akemi, Akikaze Momoko and Yukimura Ami all attend. Yukimura Yuriko and villain Hail also attend this school. To enroll in this school, you have to have a talent. Every year, the school holds a talent festival for the people, and the students perform for them.


The uniform is quite formal, seeing as Tokyo Academy of Arts is a mixed school. The uniforms are also quite similar.


The girls wear a blue striped shirt with a small navy blue tie, and a navy blue skirt that reaches to their knees. They wear white socks with black laced-up shoes.


The boys wear a blue striped shirt like the girls, and they wear a long navy blue tie, and navy blue trousers. They also wear grey socks with black laced-up shoes.

Notable Students

Student Council

The Student Council is a group of students who discuss the school's problems, and create new curricular activities. To be a part of the Student Council, you must be someone who is willing to attend all meetings, does their best in everything, and is willing to participate for the sake of everyone.

The Student Council consists of:

  • President
    • Yukimura Ami (current)
  • Vice President
    • Asano Tadashi (former)
    • Oshiro Cadence (current)
  • Secretary
    • Watanabe Nagisa (former)
    • Akiyama Kaito (current)
  • Treasurer
    • Hashimoto Seiji (former)
    • Tanaka Sakura (current)
  • Public Relations Director
    • Tsukino Takara (former)
    • Fujimoto Mamoru (current)


Not only does a school hold a talent show, they also have clubs for the students to join. The list of clubs and their leaders are:

  • Gardening Club - Koizumi Hana
  • Athletics Club - Chinen Akemi
  • Cooking Club - Akikaze Momoko
  • Science Club - Yukimura Ami
  • Newspaper Club - Yukimura Yuriko
  • Music Club - Oshiro Cadence



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