Topaz Lumiere
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Topaz Lumiere (トパーズリュミエール Topāzuryumiēru) is Cure Topaz's first purification attack which she performs in episode 3. To use it, she needs to be with Jaune and using her Rainbow Pact.


Topaz first calls upon Jaune. Light then gathers in her Rainbow Pact. It is then released at the Incolore, purifying it.



Cure Topaz: イエロー!

Cure Topaz: 興奮の光!

Cure Topaz: トパーズリュミエール!


Cure Topaz: Ierō!

Cure Topaz: Kōfun no hikari!

Cure Topaz: Topāzuryumiēru!


Cure Topaz: Jaune!

Cure Topaz: The light of effervescence!

Cure Topaz: Precure Topaz Lumiere!

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