Topaz stick

Topaz Stick (トパーズスティック Topāzu Sutikku ) is weapon in Diamond Precure that are used by Cure Topaz to perform her sub-attack, Yellow Heart Crystal, Rainbow Heart Crystal. (is a group attack that Cure Ruby,Cure SapphireCure Topaz and Cure Emerald use). The Topaz Stick appeared in episode 31 during the born of the new Precure.

Main Uses

Cure Topaz uses the Yellow Heart for performing her sub-attack and the Heart Crystal for Yellow Heart Crystal.

Summoning incantations

1-"A heart kind is a victorious heart! Topaz Stick, Topaz Stick" (心の種類は勝利の心ですトパーズスティックKokoro no shurui wa shōri no kokorodesu Topāzu sutikku)

2-"A hoped heart is a victorious heart Topaz Stick" (期待の心は勝利の心です!Kitai no kokoro wa shōri no kokorodesu!)


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