Tsuki to Hi! Miracle no Hajimaru! (月と日!ミラクルの始まる! Tsuki to Ni~Tsu! Mirakuru no Hajimaru!?, lit. Moon and Sun! Miracle Start!) is the official transformation phrase which Mochidzuki Rei and Izumi Yuuhi use in order to transform into Pretty Cure in Super ☆彡Pretty Cure!. In order to activate the transformation, they need their PreChargers and the power of Pretty Cure.

List of Sequences

Mochidzuki Rei to Cure Crescent — S☆PC01
Izumi Yuuhi to Cure Stellar — S☆PC02
Cure Crescent and Cure Stellar — S☆PC03



Both: 月と日!ミラクルの始まる!

Cure Crescent: 月竜、こち!
Cure Crescent: 月の映える、夜の輝け!キュアクレセント!
Cure Stellar: 太陽竜、こち!
Cure Stellar: 太陽の朗らか、日の輝き!キュアステラー!

Both: 金の光が闇上を勝つ!スーパープリキュア!


Both: Tsuki to Ni~Tsu! Mirakuru no Hajimaru!

Cure Crescent: Getsuryū, kochi!
Cure Crescent: Tsuki no haeru, yoru no kagayake! Kyua Kuresento!
Cure Stellar: Taiyō ryū, ko chi!
Cure Stellar: Taiyō no hogaraka, hi no kagayaki! Kyua Suterā!

Both: Kin no hikari ga yami jo o katsu! Sūpā Purikyua!


Both: Moon and Sun! Miracle Start!

Cure Crescent: Moon Dragon, this way!
Cure Crescent: The Shine of the Moon, shining at night! Cure Crescent!
Cure Stellar: Sun Dragon, this way!
Cure Stellar: Cheerfulness of the sun, radiant at day! Cure Stellar!

Both: The golden light that wins over darkness! Super Pretty Cure!


Rei to Cure Crescent

Yuuhi to Cure Stellar




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