Tsumi (罪 Tsumi) are the main monsters in Futari Wa Pretty Cure Sky Jewel. They are created when a member of the Seven Deadly Sins fuse a person with a Dark Star, and that member then shouts : "Unleash the evil in your heart, and go berserk, Tsumi!" They can be defeated with a Pretty Cure's basic purification attack, or a group attack.


Tsumis a bipedal and have a large black star with a purple light glowing from the middle of it. Their actual bodies take on an appearance related to the victim's personality.

List of Tsumi

Episode # Image Possessing Summoned By Defeated With Origin


TBA Doll


Shining Star A little girl who loved to play with her dolls


TBA Trophy Yokubo Extreme Sky Lumiere A boy who loved to play soccer
FwPCSJ03 TBA Book Okui Extreme Sky Lumiere

A woman who loved to read

FwPCSJ04 TBA Skateboard Yoku Sunburst Shimmer A girl who liked boy things
FwPCSJ05 TBA Soccer Ball Yokubo Sunburst Shimmer Jewel A boy who was a part of the soccer team of Verone Academy
FwPCSJ06 TBA Heart Namakemono Moonbeam Humming Nakamura Hiro, who had a crush on Tanaka Masami
FwPCSJ07 TBA Art Book Namakemono Extreme Sky Lumiere It is unknown who was the target, but it was someone who loved art
FwPCSJ08 TBA Plush Toy Gekido Extreme Sky Lumiere A girl who wanted to be as amazing as the Cures
FwPCSJ09 TBA Scientist Gekido Moonbeam Humming Jewel A boy who loved science
FwPCSJ10 TBA Model Senbo Shining Star A girl who loved to design fashions
FwPCSJ11 TBA Volleyball Senbo Extreme Sky Lumiere A boy who loved to play volleyball
FwPCSJ12 TBA Violin Witch

Moonbeam Humming Jewel

A girl who loved to play the violin
FwPCSJ13 TBA Camera Witch Extreme Sky Lumiere Kubota Shiho, who loved to direct movies
FwPCSJ14 TBA Hammer Silhouette Sunburst Shimmer Jewel A man who loved to build


  • If the purple light acts as the Tsumi's eye, then the Tsumi would be a Cyclops, a monster with one eye, first appearing in Greek Mythology.
  • Tsumi means "sin" in Japanese, an obvious reference to the Seven Deadly Sins.

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