Tulip Tornado
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Tulip Tornado is the main attack of Cure Tulip. It is mainly used to purify a Petaltrian.

Tulip Tornado

Tulip's first purification attack. To use it she needs her Flower Ribbon.


Tulip first calls upon the power of love from the sky and power overflows her Flower Ribbon. She then spins around and a gown appears and pink hearts surround Tulip. She then holds her Flower Ribbon out and starts to spin it around. After she says 'Tulip', a cluster of pink petals gather in the swirl. After she says 'Tornado', the flower petals are then released enveloping the Petaltrian







Ai no chikara wa, dete kimasu!



English translation

Power of love, come forth!

Flower Form, go!

Precure Tulip Tornado!

English Dub

Love of a blossoming flower, come forth!

Flower Form, go!

Sparkle, Flower of Love!

Precure Tulip Tornado!

Rainbow Tulip Tornado

Tulip's second purification attack.


  • This is the second attack to have 'tornado' in it after Aqua Tornado

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