Singer(s) Writer Composer Arranger Time Appears in
Rebecca Shoichet Kobayashi Tsubomi --- --- 0:56 Futari Wa Pretty Cure Sky Jewel Vocal Album 1 ~Gokigenyou! Tomodachi O Yumemimasu!

We Are Pretty Cure Sky Jewel FOREVER!!! is the second dubbed opening of the Pretty Cure franchise, and is the English opening for Futari Wa Pretty Cure Sky Jewel.


Cure Sunburst appears, flying through the sky while leaving a trail of pink and gold sparkles. Cure Moonbeam does the same, and Mepple and Mipple appear and fly towards the girls, and explosions of the Sun and the Moon appear, and the girls appear in it.

Hillary Sunnyville appears, with tears in her eyes. Then Annika Ferguson and Madison Parker come along and smile, then pull her along. But as they are running, they see a Tsumi blocking their path.

Natalie Blackstone and Hannah Whitehouse appear, but are soon turned to stone. But in a flash of suns and crescent moons, Annika and Madison appear in dancing outfits, then, along with Hillary, jump when the song shouts the second Let's go!.

The girls appear in their Pretty Cure forms, and start to fight the Tsumis. Shiny Luminous blasts a beam of light towards an unseen enemy, while Cure Moonbeam throws crescent moon-like shapes towards that enemy, and Cure Sunburst is seen last with flames circling her, and touched her hand when the title card appeared.


T.V. Size Version


Here we go, here we fly,

Sparkling in the sky above!

We're the Sun, and the Moon,

We are Pretty Cure Sky Jewel!

If you're ever feeling down,

Add happiness to your recipe of love,

And shine brighter than the Sun and Moon!

1, 2, 3, 4! Let's go!



Let's go!

We are the Pretty Cure,

Nothing can stop us now!

We are the powerful...

Yeah, we're the Pretty Cure girls!


  1. Annika Ferguson / Cure Sunburst
  2. Madison Parker / Cure Moonbeam
  3. Mepple
  4. Mipple
  5. Hillary Sunnyville / Shiny Luminous
  6. Tsumi
  7. Natalie Blackstone / Cure Black
  8. Hannah Whitehouse / Cure White


  • This is the second opening to be translated into a different language, preceded by Danzen! Futari Wa Pretty Cure.


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