Singer(s) Writer Composer Arranger Time Appears in
 ??? FreshGoing  ???  ??? 1:37 (T.V size)

3:59 (Full)

Rainbow! Princess! PreCure!

What's the weather today?

I wanna know!

A-B-C hit it!


(nyuuu! Nyuuuuuuu)

Be part of the rainbow!

Tell me all of your secrets. (Puri puri)

No way! I'll refuse

Bringing your hope to the end of the world.


Blue, Indigo, Violet! ( Tsuri tsuri)

Wait wait wait! I'm done!

Are you kidding it's the end of the show! (Pom pom)

But be careful...

Rock and roll to the music,

Sing along to the beat,

Dance and dance to the tune

And play and play to the nice instruments.

A hippo sausage I-N-G

Doki doki doki donkey,

I wish I have a machine gun

To smash all of the enemies. (Bang bang)

Don't you dare steal the rainbow!

Okay, be a good girl from now on!

All of the dreams came true

So it's a rainy and a sunny day!

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