Wishful Cyclone (ウィッシュフルサイクロン U~isshufurusaikuron?) is Cure Wishful's main attack. It is first used in Episode 1.


The background first changes to a night sky full of pink stars. She puts her hand up into the sky and then the power of starlight gathers in her hand. She then starts to spin her arm until after she says "Cyclone"



Cure Wishful: 星明かりのパワー!

Cure Wishful: 私の手の中に夢の美しさ!

Cure Wishful: プリキュア

Cure Wishful: ウィッシュフルサイクロン!


Cure Wishful: Hoshi akari no pawā!

Cure Wishful: Watashi no te no naka ni yume no utsukushi-sa!

Cure Wishful: Purikyua

Cure Wishful: u~isshufurusaikuron!


Cure Wishful: The power of Starlight!

Cure Wishful: Beauty of Dreams in my Hands!

Cure Wishful: Precure

Cure Wishful: Wishful Cyclone!


  • This attack is the second attack to utilize the word "Cyclone", after Bluebell Cyclone

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