Xiulan Jin
Xiùlán Jīn
Personal Info
SeasonSuper ☆彡Pretty Cure! S
SpeciesLotus Girl
Hair ColorDark Blue (Xiulan)
Bright Pink (Cure Lotus)
Eye ColorGolden (Xiulan)
White (Cure Lotus)
First AppearanceS☆PCS01
Voice Actor(s)Kayano Ai
Pretty Cure Info
Alter EgoCure Lotus
PowerThe Blooming Nature
Theme ColorPink (main)
White (sub)

Xiulan Jin秀兰金」 is one of the main characters of the season Super ☆彡Pretty Cure! S. Xiulan's family has just moved to the city. She originally comes from China and now has to learn a new languages as well as finding new friends. She takes the Pretty Cure alter ego Cure Lotus (キュアロータス Kyua Rōtasu?) while fighting against monsters of darkness.

Cure Lotus is the reincarnation of the Lotus Dragon.


Xiulan is mostly calm and tries to stay nice. However, she can pretty impulsive and hates when people pronounce her name wrong or call her by her last name. She is unable to work with others and hardly has any friends, especially after her family moved to Japan.



Cure Lotus

"Falling, pink cherry blossoms! Smelling the Flower Ocean's fragrance! Cure Lotus!"
Furu, momoiro sakura! Hanami no ka o niou! Kyua Rōtasu!

Cure Lotus (キュアロータス Kyua Rōtasu?) is Xiulan Jin's Pretty Cure Alter Ego. Cure Lotus is the Pretty Cure of blossoms and wind. She transforms by saying "Bloom! Spring Breeze Storm!". Cure Lotus gets her powers from her partner, Petal, who empowers the Lotus Dragon powers sleeping in Xiulan's heart.


Red Cherry Bomb - Cure Lotus' first attack which she uses together with Petal in her debut.

Blossom Impact - Cure Lotus' first sub attack.


Saku yo! Harukaze no Arashi! - lit. translated to Bloom! Spring Breeze Storm! is the official transformation phrase used by Xiulan Jin to transform into Cure Lotus in Super ☆彡Pretty Cure! S.


Xiulan (秀兰?) - Her givenname Xiulan comes from Xiù (?) meaning "beautiful" and Lán (?) meaning "Orchid".[1] So Xiulan means "beautiful orchid".

Jin (?) - Jin comes from the Chinese character 金 (Jin?) meaning "Gold".[2] So her name means "beautiful golden orchid".

Ran-chan (ランちゃん?) - The lovely nickname given by Mochidzuki Rei since she can't pronounce her real name and it is pretty similar to the Japanese word 蘭 ( Ran?) with the same meaning.


Xiulan's voice actress, Kayano Ai, has participated in several image songs for the character she voices. Many of them include duets with Komatsu Mikako, who voices Mochidzuki Rei, Anzai Chika, who voices Izumi Yuuhi and Kido Ibuki, who voices Mitsuwa Nanako.

Cherry Blossom Dance

Duets/Group Songs


  • Xiulan is the first known Pretty Cure to be Chinese instead of Japanese.
  • Cure Lotus is the fifth Pretty Cure to have flower-based powers. The first were Cure Bloom, Cure Blossom, Cure Flora and Cure Felice.
    • Cure Lotus is also the second non-lead Cure, preceded by Cure Felice.