Yamazaki Kenta
Yamazaki Kenta
Personal Info
SeasonShining! Royal PreCure

Magical Boy

BirthdayOctober 3rd
Hair ColorDark Brown (Kenta)

Orange with yellow streaks and yellow ombre (Cure Mage)

Eye ColorBrown (Kenta)

Yellow (Cure Mage)

FamilyYamazaki Akina (Mother)

Yamazaki Shinji (Father)

Home PlacePikarigaoka
First AppearanceSRPC01
Voice Actor(s)Suzuki Tatsuhisa
Pretty Cure Info
Alter EgoCure Mage
WeaponRoyal Crystal Sword
Theme ColorYellow
Yamazaki Kenta (山崎健太 Yamazaki Kenta?) is one of the main characters of Shining! Royal PreCure and appeared as a minor character in Happiness Charge PreCure!. Kenta is Megumi and Seiji's classmates and good friends, who is part of the Baseball Club. He is shown to be outgoing and cheerful, but can be a bit of a slacker when it comes to studies. Kenta's alter-ego is Cure Mage (キュアメイジ Kyua Meiji?) the Prince of Magic and his theme color is Yellow.


Kenta is an outgoing young man who enjoys life to the fullest. He is shown to be reliable and loyal to his friends and peers, especially to Megumi and Seiji. He loves sports and his favorite happens to be baseball, which explains why he is part of the Baseball Club, however when it comes to studies, he sometimes slacks off a bit and would often get chewed out by Seiji.


Kenta has dark brown spiky hair and dark brown eyes. Like Seiji, Kenta wears a male variant of the high school uniform with the school crest and wears white and yellow basketball sneakers.  His casual wear, is mostly a white v-collared t-shirt with a yellow stripe going horizontally, with a yellow plaid collared shirt over it. He also wears blue denim jeans and wear the same sneakers he wore when going to school.

As Cure Mage, Kenta's hair grows longer into a long ponytail. His hair color turns bright orange with yellow streaks on the fringe and a bright yellow ombre on the end of his ponytail. His Prince uniform consists a yellow opened jacket with golden decorative highlight, golden epaulettes, a white standing-collared shirt with a star pendant secured in the middle, and a yellow flowing cape. His pants are white with gold trimming going down vertically, and yellow and gold knee-length boots with triangular tops, tucking the pants in. He wears white formal gloves and a Shining! Royal emblem on the left of his uniform. Kenta also wears a golden prince crown, but with a six pointed star jewel in the center. In his Mode Elegant, his uniform transforms into a long wizard's robe colored in yellow and gold and sports a whitish yellow flowing cape.



Cure Mage

"The Prince of Enchanting Magic! Cure Mage!"
魅惑の魔法のプリンス!キュア メイジ!
Miwaku no mahō no purinsu! Kyua Meiji!

Cure Mage (キュアメイジ Kyua Meji?) is the alter-ego of Yamazaki Kenta. He controls the power of magic/light and transforms by using the phrase, "Pretty Cure, Royal Engage!" His main attack is the Mage Stardust and can only perform it when in his Mode Elegant.

Mage Stardust (メイジスターダスト Meiji Sutādasuto?) is Cure Mage's main attack. He can only perform it when he's in his Mode Elegant.