Yousei A. Sina
妖精 ア シーナ
Yōsei A. Shina
TitleCreator of Sky Pretty Cure
Birthday DateApril 7th
Eye Colorblue
Hair Colorbrown
Home PlaceGermany

Yousei A. Sina is the pen name used by FairySina, which was originally created to make her Sky Pretty Cure Series appear more like an official season. Yousei-san is usually working a lot on her main stories but also works on side stories once in a while. Being the true and only creator of the Sky Pretty Cure Series, Yousei-san has is also the owner of the story, characters, etc. Besides Sky Pretty Cure, Yousei-san has also done some collaborations with other authors like Fujiwara Hibiki.

Name Information

The pen name Yousei A. Sina is a whole pun to Yousei-san's real name and nicknames: Yousei is a Japanese word, that when it is written in the kanjis 妖精 ( Yōsei?) can be translated to "fairy" in English. "Fairy" is the first part of the username she used the most "FairySina". The single initial "A" comes from her actual given name. "A" is the initial letter of her given name. If the "A" is left out, the name will be "Yousei Sina", which becomes, when you translate it into English, the username "FairySina" once again. In addition, when "interacting" with her characters, Yousei-san is usually called "Annee-chan", which is a mix of her given name "Anne" and the Japanese 姉ちゃん (Nēchan?), "sister".

Other Names YAS uses

  • Okou Anzu (織工 あんず?) - last name based on her actual surname; first name shares initial with actual givenname.
  • Momomiya Mari (桃宮 真里?) - Momomiya from her first anime; Mari is a pun to her real name.

Current Stories

Name: Sky Pretty Cure Series
Status: Finished
Air date: July 2013 - June 2016

Name: Sky Pretty Cure: The Unofficial 5th Season
Status: Announced
Air date: June 2017 - ??

Name: Super ☆彡Pretty Cure!
Status: Announced
Air date: TBA

Name: Super ☆彡Pretty Cure! S
Status: Announced
Air date: TBA

Name: Elemental Pretty Cure!
Status: Confirmed
Air date: TBA