Yukimura Yuriko
Yukimura Yuriko
Personal Info
SeasonSeason Heart Pretty Cure!
BirthdayAugust 26
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorGreen
FamilyYukimura Ami (twin sister)

Yukimura Akihiko (father)

Home PlaceTokyo
First AppearanceSHPC01
Voice Actor(s)Mizuno Risa
Pretty Cure Info
WeaponCamera (once hit Destroyer in the eye with it)
Theme ColorGreen
Yukimura Yuriko (幸村百合子 Yukimura Yuriko) is a minor character who appears in Season Heart Pretty Cure!. She is the twin sister of Yukimura Ami and is also a reporter for her school's newspaper.


Like Ami, Yuriko has long black hair tied up into a ponytail, and has a plait on the side of her head that goes back into her ponytail, but unlike Ami, she has green eyes. She is mostly seen in her school uniform. When she is in her casual outfit, she wears an old styled green dress with white-coloured sleeves and a dark green-coloured ribbon on her neck. She wears green slip-on shoes with a white bow on them.


Yuriko is shown to like to get articles on the popular people in school, so she may seem quite annoying, but once you get to know her, she is shown to be quite friendly. Ami always calls Yuriko "Yu-chan", much to Yuriko's annoyance.


Becoming the fourth target

When Ami runs into the forest and cries, Yuriko appears because she wanted to find Ami. However, Stone appears and shoots a Shard of Darkness into Yuriko's neck, and turns her into a Hidoi. She is soon saved after Ami, who transformed into Cure Snowflake, purified her.


  • Yuriko shares her voice actress with Kisaragi Reiko, a minor character appearing in Go! Princess Pretty Cure.
  • The opening shows Yuriko with the Cures when Bloom flies down to Earth. This could hint that she may learn the Cures' identities.
  • Yuriko shares a few similarities with Nanase Yui:
    • Both names start with Y.
    • Both learn of the Cures' identities.
    • Both first appear in Episode 1.
    • Both were targets of one of the commanders.
    • Both are supporting and minor characters.
    • Both have nicknames (Yui has "YuiYui", and Yuriko has "Yu-chan").
    • Yui's name is in Yuriko's name.